BOP Regional Council Websites

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) has primary responsibility for the care of lakes and waterways in the Bay of Plenty. Up to date information, live-monitoring data, historical and current reports can be accessed through the BOPRC Homepage. For your convenience we have menu links to BOPRC sites of particular relevance to the Rotorua Lakes.

BOPRC Homepage –

Rotorua Lakes

Rotorua Lakes Strategy –

Live Monitoring

Health Warnings –

Aquatic Pest Management –

BOPRC Fact Sheets –

BOPRC Policies

BOPRC Plans –

Lakes Recreation Strategy –


Other Links

There are a number of organisations which promote the restoration of our lakes and waterways, and complement the efforts of LWQS. We have provided links to a few such organisations below and welcome suggestions for other useful links via our contact us page.

Environmental Defence Soc –

Fish & Game NZ –

1080: The Facts –

Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme –


LERNZ (Lake Restoration) –

Waikato University

WaterNZ –