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We propose a workshop on how to stop the spread of catfish, other pest fish and weeds. BOPRC advise us that they have the power under current regulations to restrict movement of boats to prevent the spread of catfish and weeds. As a community we need to decide what level of intervention is acceptable given the balance between protecting our lakes and the public’s right to access.

Click here to download the flyer advising details of this workshop on the 27th September.

The Issues

About our society

Lakes Water Quality Society (Incorporated), is a Registered Charity and a community organisation. Our members voluntarily give their time in pursuit of our vision:

“To restore the 12 lakes of the Rotorua District to the state they were prior to the 1960’s.”

LWQS has a long and proud history. The society was originally formed in 1961 as the Lakeweed Control Society and in 2000 shifted to its current name taking on the greater responsibility of advocacy for the restoration of the lakes across the Rotorua District. We work with the Te Arawa Lakes Trust and IWI to achieve our goal. In additional we foster research and education on lakes; work with local, regional and central government and community groups in our quest to restore the lakes to health.

The Lakes


The Rotorua Lakes comprise a dozen major lakes and some smaller ones, in the central volcanic region of the North Island of New Zealand.

Lake Tarawera
Lake Rotoma
Lake Rotoiti
Lake Okareka

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