Symposium – Rotorua Lakes 2015

Lake Weed and Wallabies

12 and 13 March 2015

Rotorua Convention Centre
1170 Fenton Street

Contact: symposium@lakeswaterquality.co.nz

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Transferable Development Rights

A possible tool in the tool box to help Rotorua District Council reduce nutrients in the Rotorua Lakes’ catchments
TDR Workshop Proceedings

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Rotorua Sewerage Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lakes Water Quality Workshop held September 2013
Project Rotorua Clean Water Proceedings


Lakes Water Quality Society (Incorporated) is a community organisation. We focus on improving water quality in the wonderful Rotorua Lakes. Our activities include fostering research and education on lakes issues, and working with local and central government and community groups on restoring the lakes to health.


The Rotorua Lakes comprise a dozen major lakes and some smaller ones, in the central volcanic region of the North Island of New Zealand. They are set in a glorious landscape of native bush, conifer forests, farmland, and scattered clusters of homes. Each is different, but human activities have damaged them all. We seek to fix those that have deteriorated and prevent the best from suffering any further harm.

We want present and future generations of locals, other New Zealanders and tourists to be able to enjoy them, as thousands have done in the past.

The website is mostly about Lakes Water Quality Society and its work. We also point to sites with useful information about the lakes.
We welcome your interest, wherever in the world you may live. Have a look around. And please join us to help the lakes.